Technical Details of Durmaray Tram (Photo Gallery)

Technical Details of Durmaray Tram .
Technical Specifications:
Main functions based on modular construction.
Driver and passenger in the cabin , ergonomic and aesthetic design .

Large windows provide panoramic vision.
Propelled vehicle air suspension system that can adjust the height .
Single or double-sided tram design options .
100% low-floor , uninterrupted floor .
Meets EN 15227 standard and its ability to dissipate the energy of a collision occurring in the body structure and front shock buffer .
That meets the DIN 5510 standard and fire resistant composite material technology, interior and exterior .
Sticking with the completed non- composite coating technology .
In-cab passenger seat layout application may vary .
Seat of the side wall built by binding the car quick and hygienic cleaning.
Cabins allowing a smooth transition from double-walled flexible bellows system.
Forming tool parts and materials that meet the DIN 5510 standard fire resistance .
Each independent air conditioning system for the passenger compartment .
Easy access for the disabled and baby carriages feature .
Environmentally sound technologies .

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