Siemens Velaro for TCDD – Technical Details (Video)

Siemens Velaro for TCDD – Technical Details :The Turkish state-run railway company, TCDD, has placed two orders with Siemens for one and for six 8-car high-speed trains. The Velaro train for Turkey is based on the Velaro platform, one of the fastest high-speed trains in service in the world today.

With tractive power of 8,000 kW, the 200 m long Velaro TR reaches a top operating speed of 300 km/h. The flexibility of the interior and the large seating capacity allow alternative interiors that enable 516 passengers to travel in extreme comfort. The new trainsets are also equipped with innovative communication and entertainment systems.

The newest member of the Velaro family represents the continuation of a great success story: Turkey, in the shape of the national railway company TCDD, is the latest country to place its faith in Siemens technology, following on from Spain, China, Russia, Germany and England.

Besides the supply of fully operational trains, the contract with TCDD also includes a seven-year contract for maintenance including spare parts, cleaning service and the supply of a driving simulator.


Type Velaro D
Year of construction:2013
Cars per train:8
Voltage system:AC 15 / 16,7 Hz / 25 kV / 50 Hz & DC 1,5 / 3kV
Maximum speed [km/h]:320
Track gauge [mm]:1,435
Number of seats:460
Traction power [kW]:8,0
Numbers built:1

Type Velaro TR
Year of construction:2014-2016
Cars per train:8
Voltage system:AC 25 kV / 50 Hz
Maximum speed [km/h]:300
Track gauge [mm]:1,435
Number of seats:516
Traction power [kW]:8,0
Numbers built:1

Siemens Velaro for TCDD - Technical Details

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