Siemens is starting serial production of the High Speed Train Sets for Turkey

Siemens is starting serial production of the High Speed Train Sets for Turkey :After delivering the first high speed train set manufactured for TCDD (Turkish State Railways) to Turkey, Germany’s leading technology company Siemens is starting its serial production of the remaining 6 sets.

Last year, Siemens had delivered the first high speed train set they have undertaken to manufacture for Turkish State Railways TCDD. One of the most frequently asked questions was the date Siemens would start manufacturing the remaining sets.

A spokesman from the company, who did not want his name given, made a statement to the journalist of AA indicating that “manufacturing of the new train sets will start in June. However this might take two or three months to get some idea on the design. There is nothing hindering us to start this project”.

The spokesman stated indicated that the new high speed train sets will be manufactured in a factory in Krefeld, a port in the North Ren-Westfaila state of Germany and the first painted carbody can be manufactured in 2-3 months.

The spokesman stated that, the order given to Siemens by TCDD in June last year meant that they will be operating in a promising market in Turkey and indicated that “the related contract also includes maintenance of these trains in the next 7 years. The trains will be painted in the official color of TCDD and will be designed to operate at speeds up to 300 kph.”

The spokesman also provided the information that these trains will be generally carry passengers in the İstanbul-Ankara and Ankara-Konya lines and that according to the plans of TCDD the passenger service will be completed in 2017.

The spokesman also provided some information on the cost of the high speed train sets and indicated that “no concrete order value is officially declared for these trains. However, a price at a range of 30-35 million Euros is considered, depending on the technical and power equipment, excluding service.”

On the other hand, after a vote taken by the TCDD General Directorate, it had been decided to paint the first high speed train set turquoise in color. The previous minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Mr. Binali Yıldırım had announced to Anadolu Agency that among 8 different options for the color of the train sets, the highest vote was with turquoise color.

Siemens is starting serial production of the High Speed Train Sets for Turkey

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