Ropeway with a view of Bosphorous | Turkey – İstanbul

Ropeway with a view of Bosphorous :A 2.5 km long ropeway will be constructed between Sultaniye-Karlıtepe and Hz. Yuşa Hill at a height of 190 meter, with a magnificent view of the Bosphorous.

The first ropeway line of Anatolian side of İstanbul will be constructed in Beykoz. With this transportation and tourism investment people will be attracted to the resort and recreation areas in this district, helping to bring the district of Beykoz to the level of other tourism and social activity centers. The line planned to be constructed between the Beykoz resort area and Hz. Yuşa hill, will have its first stations at the entrance of the historical Beykoz resort area, near the Yalıköy closes bazaar and the underground parking lot. Local and foreign tourists coming to this point will be able to go to the Hz. Yuşa hill, one of the locations in İstanbul that attracts most of the tourists, with a magnificent Bosphorus view. With completion of the project, the historical Beykoz Resort area and Yuşa Hill will not only attract more people, but transportation to the hills from the seaside will be much more easier.

The total line of the ropeway is 2.5km, and its height will be 190 m at its highest point.

The Karlıtepe C Type Recreation area project involves construction of a ropeway line from sea side to the district. The project called Sultaniye Karlıtepe Line will be a 2 km line, reaching the Karlıtepe Recreation Area, which will have picnic and spor facilities built in this district with one of the most beautiful view of Bosphorous and İstanbul. It is planned to integrate these ropeway projects with the metro lines.

Ropeway with a view of Bosphorous


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