Riyadh will be connected to Dammam with High Speed Train Lines | Saudi Arabia

Riyadh will be connected to Dammam with High Speed Train Lines :Saudi Arabia has announced that new trains that can reach a speed of 180 kph will be put in service on the line that connects the cities of Riyadh with Dammam. Four new trains will be put into service this November.

Mr. Mohammed El Suveykit, the Head of Saudi Railways Organization has announced that the first train will arrive in November and the remaining trains will be joining the fleet in December.

The representative who reported to Arab News stated that the trains were manufactured by the Spanish firm CAF. These trains can move at speeds up to 180 kph, even under very bad climate conditions and will be first used on the line between Riyadh and Dammam. Later they will also serve on the Dammam – El Ahsa line and Riyadh-El Ahsa line.

El Suveykit, has indicated that in Saudi Arabia, which is the largest economy in Middle Easta and one of the largest 25 on the globe, put great emphasis into the railway transportation, for development in the country and have a series of projects under implementation, with this purpose. The infrastructure projects include railway projects planned to connect the West and East districts and the North district with the Central area and to connect the holy cities to the other gulf states.

As stated by the authorities based on a master plan developed jointly with German International Cooperation, the long term policy for the passenger and freight transport has been developed for the years 2010-2040 and the principles for development project are defined.

Riyadh will be connected to Dammam with High Speed Train Lines

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