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There is no risk of safety on the Ankara İstanbul High Speed Train Line :The Minister Elvan, while explaining that the signaling work is not completed on the Ankara – İstanbul High Speed Train Line, has indicated that “I am specifically declaring that there is no problem of safety along the high speed line.

All certificates are issued.” Mr. Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication talked to the newspaper Hürriyet, regarding the claims related to the high speed train line. While explaining that the signaling works on the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed line is not completed yet, Mr. Elvan stated that “However there is no problem related to safety on the line. Because the section where signaling works are not completed will not be the high speed line section, but will be serving as a conventional line. Once the signaling works are completed in that section, the speed will only increase by a 10% in that section. I am specifically declaring that there is no safety problem regarding the high speed train. All certifications are issued. A trial run of 85,000 km has been completed.

– Is there a safety issue related to the high speed train?
Elvan: Certification and accreditation are issued. The procedures followed in earlier high speed train lines were also followed here. Only the signaling work between Gebze and Köseköy are to be completed and that is soon. Our maximum speed in that line section will be 118 kph. Even when signaling is over it will be 118 kph. The current applicable speed there is 10% lower than that value, in other words it is 11-12 km’s lower. If you have provided that necessary safety infrastructure in a conventional line, there will be no problem, even if there is no signaling. You are fully cutting off the connection with outside. You clearly define the route. There is no problem. It can continue to serve this way. However, we will definitely finish signaling within 2 months.
– What is meant by no signaling; How is safety ensured by signaling?

Elvan: Radio system is involved. A continuous communication is established between the operator and the ground team. It is not possible for anyone to enter the track or hinder operation.
– Wouldn’t it be more reliable to wait for the signatling?

Elvan: If it had not been a conventional line, what you are asking might have been correct. When one speaks of a conventional line, the speed limit does not exceed 118-120 kph. At high speed train line sections, this speed increases up to 275 kph. At this section, this is not an issue. The way a train should run at a section is determined according to the geographical conditions and environment. But that section is still a part of the high speed train line.

The speed a train should travel in various sections is determined for the whole line and is loaded on the system. You cannot exceed that speed.

85,000 km trial run
Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication highlighted that the lack of signaling system will not lead to a safety gap and continued: “When works are completed, the speed will increase only by 10%. This will reduce the travel time by only 5-6 minutes. There is no risk in terms of safety. 85,000 of trial run was conducted before the line was opened. All tests were conducted till the end with our test train.
Cost might increase in the airport.

Mr. Elvan, also provided some information on the new airport and stated that “this is an investment of 10 billion Euros and the cost may increase up to 12-13-15 billion Euros after works are completed. The difference in levels will change and some levelling work may be needed in the area. Nobody is considering this, but it might lead to an increase cost of construction. My colleagues are also indicate that cost increase is highly probable. Would need to check the new figures at the end of the work.”

Stopping the train was the correct decisions
Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication highlighted that there is no safety issue and continued stating “The incident we encountered the other day, our colleagues stated that it was a lightning strike. When there is such a storm, or heavy rain, the most correct decision is to stop the train and by stopping the train that day, they have done what is right. The 15 minutes delay on that day is put on the agenda, and not the opening of the HST line. I find this very strange.”

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