Restoration Project for Haydarpaşa Train Terminal , İstanbul/Turkey (Photo Gallery)

Restoration Project for Haydarpaşa Train Terminal :Regarding the rumors wide spreading about the historic Haydarpaşa Terminal in İstanbul, claiming that it will be converted to a hotel and shopping center, it is now announced that this terminal will continue to serve as a High Speed Train Station.

Details of the restoration plans of the Haydarpaşa Train Terminal is provided for the public. It has become evident that the Haydarpaşa Train Terminal will continue its services as a High Speed Train Station and will not be converted to a hotel.

After the train services between Pendik and Haydarpaşa were cancelled because of the High Speed Train project, the Haydarpaşa Train Terminal was no longer used and now the restoration plan for this station is approved by the Council of Monuments.

Based on a news in Yeni Şafak newspaper, the tender for the restoration project of Haydarpaşa Train Terminal is held after it is approved by the Council of Monuments. Site possession is finished and works will start after the required permit is given by Municipality of Kadıköy. According to this restoration project, the station building will not be converted to a hotel or a shopping center. It will continue to serve as a High Speed Train Station, under the condition that the historical structure is preserved.

The attic of the building was unused after the fire that hit is, but now after it is restored, it will be reserved for cultural activities with a museum, exhibition area, library, meeting and conference saloon. The contract for restoration was awarded for a price of 12,473,000 TL and works will be completed in 500 days. The existing elevator will be renewed and in long term a new elevator will be introduced. The existing heating system will be replaced with a fan-coil system. Missing or damaged decorations will be completed, repaired and cleaned.

Plaster and painting of the ceiling and walls will be renewed. Wooden components will be repaired and maintained. The exterior will be cleaned from dirt and algae using special cleaning methods. Broken and missing stones will be completed and repaired.

Haydarpaşa Train Terminal was constructed during the era of Sultan Abdülhamid. A competition was held with participation of very famous architects from the whole world. The project of Otto Ritter and Helmuth Conu was awarded. The terminal commenced services in 1908 with a ceremony.

In 2010 after the rumors were widespread about converting this building to a hotel and shopping center, a fire damaged the attic. The building now is considerably distant to the new transportation lines. For the last two years the express service to Anatolia was cancelled in the station. In 2013 the Haydarpaşa Pendik services were also cancelled. The train terminal now is very silent and is only serving as a parking area for wagons.

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Restoration Project for Haydarpaşa Train Terminal

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