Report issued for the Santiago train derailment accident in Spain in 2013

Report issued for the Santiago train derailment accident in Spain in 2013 :Final investigation report on the Santiago de Compostela accident that happened on 24th July 2013 was published on 4th June 2014 by Spain’s Transport Ministry. The accident had killed 79 people.

On 24th July 2013 a train moving at 180 kph along a curve where speed restriction was 80 kph was derailed killing 79 people and injuring 140 people in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Finally the investigation report has been published by the Transport Ministry.

According to this 266 page document, the sole cause of the derailment is human factor. Report states that “driving staff failed to follow the regulations contained in the train timetable and the route plan.”

The driver’s lack of attention, caused by a telephone call answered seconds before the derailment, has been defined by the technical investigation as the only contributing cause of the accident.

Even no other factor was identified besides human factors, the entity responsible from investigation, CIAF issued a total of 9 recommendations.

Spain’s rail infrastructure manager Adif was notified with two of these recommendations. First requires installing fixed signals to indicate maximum permitted speed and second to install balises at sharp curves to control speeds. These will use the national ATP system Asfa.

Two recommendations are given to Renfe, the rail network operator in Spain. These request from the operator to consider installing video recorders in the cabs and improving internal coordination among staff.

Then the Transport Ministry is notified with the remaining five recommendations. These recommendations are given to ensure that the notifications made to Adif and Renfe are enforced and reinforced risk assessment processes are carried out before a new high speed line is opened.

Report issued for the Santiago train derailment accident in Spain in 2013

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