Renovated Ropeway is ready for operation in the famous ski resort mountain Uludağ in Turkey

Renovated Ropeway is ready for operation in the famous ski resort mountain Uludağ in Turkey :Lord Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has visited the work sites in Teferrüç Station to see the developments in the renovation project of the Ropeway in Mount Uludağ, in Turkey. Mr. Altepe has indicated that the renovation works are near completion and they are ready to commence operation in the new system.

He stated that “Our ropeway has been serving to our city of Bursa for almost 50 years, since the commencement of operation on 29th October 1963, carrying the people of Bursa and its guests to the famous ski resort mountain of Turkey, Uludağ. However now that ropeway is old technology. We had a very hard time in recent years in operation of the system. Starting in 2013, we demolished the old system and constructed a new state of art ropeway system for our city.”

Mr. Altepe explained that the existing line is totally renovated with its two stations that serves from the center of the city up to Sarıalan. He also explained that, in renovation works, all the masts were replaced with new ones, totally modernizing the system, which will provide a state of art system with more comfortable riding conditions. He also explained that the new cabins procured for the system are more aerodynamic and will be affected less with the wind. He said, “In the old system, operation had to stop when the wind speed reached 40 kph. Thanks to the new system, the ropeway will be operating even with winds at speeds up to 80 kph.”

Mr. Altepe has also indicated that there will be no problem of congestion in trips, since cabins with a capacity of 8 people will be operated with a headway of 19 seconds. He has indicated that “compared to the old system, our capacity has now increased 12 times. Earlier, people would have the only choice to wait to get onto the ropeway for hours and give up or to travel a 35 km road by car. Now they will not have to wait on line, but will ride up to the top of the mountain in 12-13 minutes with the new cabins, having a nice panoramic view of Bursa.”

Mr. Altepe stated that, “for many years there has been great problems in the ropeway and now with this new comfortable and easy ride, even those who are scared of heights will enjoy the ride. Now everybody will have a safe travel with a good state of mind” he highlighted.

He also reminded that the fares did not increase stressing their desire to carry the people to Uludağ, the most beautiful mountain on this world in most comfortable conditions, so that everybody can have the chance to view this beautiful scene.
The new ropeway will commence operation on 7th June Saturday. This will bring a new joy to the city and also adding value to its tourism. He finished his words, by stating that everybody is waiting curiously to see the new system in operation.

Renovated  Ropeway is ready for operation in the famous ski resort mountain Uludağ in Turkey

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