Paris STIF approves €787m budget

Paris STIF approves €787m budget :During 2014, RATP will invest €1,606 million in its Ile-de-France network, in accordance with the contract agreed with STIF in March 2012

Pierre Mongin, Chairman and CEO welcomed this “highly ambitious level of investment, which will allow us, thanks to STIF’s support, to continue to make significant efforts in renewing equipment and improving the service provided to passengers in Ile-de-France.

RATP’s Board of Directors, meeting on 29 November 2013 under the chairmanship of Pierre Mongin, RATP’s Chairman and CEO, unanimously approved the investment budget of €1,606 million in 2014, an increase of €45 million on 2013.

The contract between STIF and RATP for 2012 to 2015 calls for total investment of €6.5 billion over 5 years, or some €1.6 billion per year. This is significantly higher than in recent years and will allow RATP to carry out major programmes to renew rolling stock and maintain infrastructure whilst at the same time modernising a substantial portion of the RATP transport network.

Most notably in 2014, €277 million will be devoted to extending the RATP network. More than 20km of new tramway will come into service with the creation of the T6 and T8 routes, making it much easier to move from one part of outer Paris to another. This will take RATP’s tram network to nearly 100km, and it will become the third most well-used tram system in Europe, behind the long-established networks of Prague and Budapest.

Investment in 2014 will be distributed as follows:

Rail networks (metro and RER) €959m


– phase 2 of the extension of Line 4 to Bagneux, phase 2 of the extension of Line 12 to Pont de Stains, extension of Line 14 to Mairie de Saint-Ouen and modernisation of existing stations, extension of Line 11 to Rosny Bois Perrier and modernisation of existing stations;

– acquisition of MP 05 to improve service on Line 14 and for the Line 14 extension to Mairie de Saint-Ouen (eventually increasing the number of 6-carriage trains from 21 to 39), acquisition of MF01 for Line 9;

– continued modernisation of Line 13 (Ouragan system, platform doors), modernisation of Line 9, introduction of OCTYS system (command and control system which in particular allows a reduction in the gap between trains).


– acquisition of MI09 for Line A;

– renovation of MI79 equipment on Line B;

– introduction of a regulation support system for the Vincennes junction and the creation of a Single Command Centre for Line B.

Programmes shared by the two networks:

– accessibility programme for stations;

– modification of public areas and development of multi-modality (Châtelet-Les Halles interchange, improvements at Val de Fontenay and Chatou-Croissy);

– preventative maintenance of civil engineering assets, public space and RER and metro track;

– renewal of signalling and operational support systems

Surface networks (Tramway and Bus) €406m

Tramway :

– extension of line T3 and commencement of service on lines T6 and T8;

– purchase of equipment for lines T2, T6 and T8.


– acquisition of rolling stock with better accessibility for disabled people, renewal of buses;

– continuing installation of the Centre de Régulation et d’Information Voyageurs (CRIV – control and passenger information centre).

Passenger spaces and services €64m

– renovation of stations, creation of information counters and club counters;

– continued roll-out of multimodal information systems and associated screens (3,000 ‘Image’ screens by 2016);

– Continuation of “Renouveau du Métro” programme in 15 stations (including Jaurès, Réaumur-Sébastopol, Oberkampf, Châtelet, Richelieu-Drouot, and La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle),

Property policy €111m

IT systems €66m

Paris STIF approves €787m budget

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