Near the End in Ankara – İstanbul High Speed Train Line Infrastructure Construction Project – Turkey

Near the End in Ankara – İstanbul High Speed Train Line Infrastructure Construction Project :98% of the infrastructure construction works are completed in the Ankara – İstanbul High Speed Train Project, which will reduce the travel time between the two cities to 3 hours with trains moving at a speed of 250 km/hour.

The Ankara – İstanbul High Speed Train project is being implemented with the aim to increase the railway share in passenger transportation between Ankara and İstanbul to 78% from the current level of 10%. The project consists of 10 sections.

Int this 533 km project, the construction of İzmit – İstanbul North Crossing is delayed and time extension is given to the contractor.

According to the information obtained from TCDD, the client, the current status in the project can be summarized as follows: Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Train Project will be completed in two stages. The first stage of the project, the Ankara-Eskişehir High Speed Train line commenced operation in 2009. The construction of the second stage, the Eskişehir-İstanbul line is ongoing. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Köseköy Gebze Stage was held on 28th March 2012.
The 44 km long Gebze-Haydarpaşa section of the line will be constructed within the scope of Marmaray Project, since it will become an at-grade metro service with Marmaray project. Revenue has commenced already in Sincan -Esenkent and Esenkent-Eskişehir Lines.
Esenkent- Eskişehir Line: The high speed train line between Esenkent-Eskişehir is constructed as a double track line with high standards for trains moving at 250 kph.
Operation has commenced along this line.
Eskişehir Station Crossing – Current Status
• Closed section is completed and is opened for service.
• Construction has started from Ankara and 1741 meter of the project is completed
• Construction of underpasses and platforms are ongoing
• L and U wall erection is completed in train station area.
Eskişehir-İnönü Line
• Construction works of the main route and access routes of Ulusal Egemenlik Boulevard Overfly and the DSI channel crossing after that are completed, excluding car barriers. This section is opened to traffic on 29 September 2013
• Superstructure: Measurements are made with Piri Reil train. Waiting for results.
İnönü- Vezirhan Line
• Construction works of 17 underpasses, 3 overflies and 29 box culverts are completed.
• A total of 18 of the 19 tunnels are completed. The total tunnel length will be 26993 meters and those completed are handed over to superstructure group.
• Electrifications: Works are ongoing at sections where land possession is complete.
• Signaling : 7 technical buildings are being constructed simultaneously. Wayside and interior equipment installation are ongoing.
Vezirhan-Köseköy Line:
• Construction of all of the 8 tunnels and viaduct are completed ( 11.342 meter tunnel – 4.188 meter viaduct )
• 151 culverts, 33 underpasses are completed
• 48 km section between Geyve- Vezirhan (VK12- T17 entraNCE) is handed over. Superstructure work is ongoing.
Köseköy- Gebze Line
• Infrastructure work is ongoing
• Ballast and sleeper laying ongoing.
• Pole foundation works is ongoing.
• Infrastructure replacement work started
• Signaling and telecommunication system design and interface work are ongoing.
• Cable channel construction works is ongoing.
İzmit- İstanbul North Crossing
• Adapazarı North Crossing study, design drawings, engineering and consultancy services contract is signed with the contractor firm on 16th February 2011.
• Stage 1 corridor selection is approved.
• The contract of the firm ended on 26th September 2012.
• 317 days of time extension is awarded to the firm and the firm is continuing with 3rd stage works.

Near the End in Ankara - İstanbul High Speed Train Line Infrastructure Construction Project


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