This is our national train ,Turkey

This is our national train :16 train sets will be manufactured. Details are being revealed in the concept design of the first “National High Speed Trains” developed by TCDD with great secret and diligence. Both the interior and exterior of the national trains are designed and developed focusing on “up to date technology” as well as high level of comfort.

Based on information received from Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication, the concept design selection is finalized both in high speed trains and new generation of national trains. Industrial design work is also completed. The sources explain that certain detailed work is ongoing with the selected design work. They stated that they are aiming to introduce the high speed train technology to turkey in every aspect.

Procurement of 106 high speed train sets is included in the investment program. These train sets will be operated both in Very High Speed Lines and High Speed Lines that exist and planned to open for service. The technical specifications of these train sets are completed. It is planned to procure 20 sets from abroad and to have at least 51 % of the 70 sets manufactured with local contribution. The remaining 16 sets will be manufactured within the scope of “National High Speed Train Project.”

The resources reminded that Turkey has started a national train projects where the design and technology will be procured locally and trains manufactured in Turkey and explain that “within this project National High Speed train Sets, Diesel Train Sets, Electrical Train Sets and Freight Wagons will be developed. It is targeted to manufacture the protypes with 51% being local. With these studies it is aimed to increase the local contribution to 85% by 2023.”

TCDD is aiming to collect all the design process and implementation work in one single entity. Thus, they have established as Study, Design and Investment Department within TCDD.

TCDD is targeting to join densely populated cities with Ankara and İstanbul taking the lead, with high speed train lines. Within this scope it is aimed to commence revenue operation on the Ankara İstanbul Line in a very short period. TCDD has bought 12 high speed train sets that can travel at 250 kph speed, to operate on this line. The contract for 7 very high speed train sets is signed. These trains will move at speeds of 300 kph. One of these train sets are already delivered and the remaining are being manufactured.

This is our national train , Turkey

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