Marmaray Metro Map – Turkey

Marmaray Metro Map : The Marmaray tunnel project is upgrading about 76 kilometers of commuter rail from Halkali to Gebze, which is mainly over-ground, with a section going 55 metres underground under the Istanbul Strait, between Yedikule station on the European side and Sögütlüçesme on the Asian side of Istanbul.

This uninterrupted, modern, high-capacity commuter rail system, will significantly reduce commuter time to the point where the city centre can be reached from the extremities of the rail network (and also by Metro Bus on the European Side) within an hour.

This Project is one of the major transportation infrastructure projects in the world: incorporating three new underground stations, 37 overground stations, track renovation and upgrading, in addition to the tunnel.

There is a balance to be struck in Istanbul, a city of immense historical and cultural significance but which is entering an era when modern railway facilities and transportation are sorely needed for its 15 million inhabitants to get around smoothly and efficiently.

This tunnel is the culmination of a desire to construct a railway mass transit connection from west to east in Istanbul, which gained momentum in the early 1980s. With feasibility and passenger flow studies concluded in 1998, funding was agreed. So it can’t have come soon enough.

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