The Longest Ropeway on Earth has started carrying passengers in Bursa, Turkey (Photo Gallery)

The Longest Ropeway on Earth has started carrying passengers in Bursa, Turkey :The ropeway renovated by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, to upgrade the existing system carrying people up to Mount Uludağ has commenced passenger operation.

The ropeway that has been in operation since 1963 in Bursa that was implemented to carry people to Mount Uludağ, famous ski resort of Turkey has carried millions of people since then, was put out of service on 1st November 2012, since it was no longer capable of meeting the demand. After 19 months, the renovated system has commenced operation. In the renovation process, the old system was fully demolished and a totally new ropeway system was constructed. This system will operate with gondola type cabins that is compatible with modern technology. The ropeway, which has been a symbol of the city of Bursa has commenced its operation today in the first section between Tefferrüç and Sarıalan.
A Historical Day in the city of Bursa
Lord Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality today bought the first ticket from the Teferrüç Station riding on the first trip of the system. While riding in this first trip, with the high level representatives of the Bursa Municipality, Mr. Altepe made a statement, indicating that Bursa now has a modern ropeway system. Mr. Altepe also added that the opening ceremony of the ropeway is deferred to a later date, because of the bad weather conditions and continued stating “today on 7th day of June, we are celebrating a historical event in Bursa. The system of Bursa this ropeway has recommenced its operation with a totally renovated system. Now our citizens will be able to travel to the top of Mount Uludağ in 12 minutes with cabins of 8 people that will run in 20 second intervals.

A Panoramic View of Bursa
Mayor Altepe, notified that people will no longer have to face the problems encountered with the old ropeway, which served for 50 years. He continued stating “With this ropeway, people will have a much enjoyable ride with the modern cabins, having a panoramic view of Bursa. People will no longer have to wait in long lines any more. The capacity of the ropeway has increased 12 folds when compared to the old system.”
A Comfortable Ride
Mr. Altepe highlighted the fact that these aerodynamic cabins can keep operating even at winds blowing at speeds up to 80 kph. He announced that the prices are same as 1.5 years ago, and people can ride up to Sarıalan from Teferrüç at a price of 10 TL and return from Sarıalan to Teferrüç at a price of 10 TL. He continued explaining “it is our desire to carry people to the top of Uludağ in the safest and most appropriate way. We will also have public days, and will apply reduced fares to senior citizens, children and disabled citizens, to ensure that all our citizens will be able to ride to the top of the mountain. This will bring Mount Uludağ closer to Bursa. Thus thanks to this ropeway, Bursa’s economy will benefit considerably.”

Citizens are thankful to Altepe
Mr. Osman Güler, one of the citizens riding with the new ropeway on the first day the trips started, stated that he is 79 years old and new the old system and continued “I am thanking to our Mayor Altepe for this system. The new system is much more beautiful and modern when compared to the old one. It will benefit Bursa considerably”.
Considerable interest from Arabian tourists in Bursa
One interesting observation was the high number of Arabian tourists visiting the ropeway. On this first day of operation, it was observed that many Arabian tourists preferred to travel to Mount Uludağ with the ropeway. Arabian tourists who saw the Lord Mayor Altepe at Sarıalan congratulated the Lord Mayor Altepe for this state of art transportation system and took many photographs.
Mr. Mohammad Al Awadhi, who lives in Dubai and was currently visiting Bursa also congratulated Lord Mayor for the new ropeway. He indicated that he likes Bursa very much and told him that “we came to Uludağ with the new ropeway. It is a very beautiful and modern system. We had to view the beautiful city of Bursa from the ropeway, when coming to Sarıalan. We congratulate you for providing this system.”

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The Longest Ropeway on Earth has started carrying passengers in Bursa, Turkey

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