LEITNER ropeways is constructing the first urban ropeway project in Mexico

LEITNER ropeways is constructing the first urban ropeway project in Mexico :Two new gondola lifts in Ecatepec de Morelos will be contributing toward solving the traffic problem in Mexico City. Passengers’ travel time will be reduced from 45 to 20 minutes.

Both ropeways will be driven by the environmentally friendly and highly efficient LEITNER DirectDrive, which will be used in the Americas for the first time. Alternative traffic concept in Mexico City

The agglomeration of Mexico City, with around 22 million inhabitants, is one of the largest and fastest growing metropolitan areas in the world. Because the infrastructure has not grown at the same pace as the population, there is a desire in the Mexican capital for alternative, space-saving traffic concepts. LEITNER ropeways is now constructing Mexico’s first urban ropeways in the northern district of Ecatepec de Morelos. Two gondola lifts running independently of one another and connected at one station where passengers can change lines will connect Via Morelos with San Andrés De La Cañada. There will be a total of seven stops on the two stretches, which will be 2,900 and 1,800 meters long respectively. The 10-passenger cabins will be overcoming a height difference of 55 and 62 meters. Up to 3,000 people an hour will be transported, for which the ropeways will be in operation 17 hours a day. Construction works have begun and completion is planned for the end of 2015. The client of the new ropeway is the Mexican State. The concessionaire is the company Mexitelefericos.

For the inhabitants and visitors of Ecatepec de Morelos, this connection will mean a considerably easier and improved quality of life. While they have, until now, needed a good 45 minutes to cover this stretch using ‘Peseros’ minibuses, with the modern cabins, they can finish the journey comfortably in just under 20 minutes. The ropeways will be directly connected to the public transport system.

LEITNER DirectDrive: efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable With the ropeways in Mexico, LEITNER DirectDrive will be used in the Americas for the first time.The unique drive system, which functions without a gearbox, offers significant advantages compared to other types of drives.

For one, it is efficient and environmentally friendly, and for another, it minimizes the ropeway’s down-time because of low wear and tear and a low risk of breakdown, which is a particularly important criterion for any kind of local public transport. In addition, it runs more quietly than conventional drives.

Through this new transport project, Mexico is following the successful example of other LEITNER ropeways projects that are solving traffic problems in the urban areas of South America.These are, among others, the 10-passenger gondola lift in Manizales, Columbia, that was built in 2009 and which transports up to 2,400 people an hour between a regional bus terminal and the city center. Due to its great success and in order to alleviate the sometimes highly chaotic traffic situation, an extension of this gondola lift was constructed just one year later in 2013.

LEITNER ropeways is constructing the first urban ropeway project in1

LEITNER ropeways is constructing the first urban ropeway project in

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