LED and LED Lighting Exhibition 2014

LED & LED Lighting Exhibition 2014 :We are holding the 10th LED and LED Lighting Exhibition on September 25-28, 2014 in Halls 9&10 at Istanbul Expo Center.

Any kind of LED intermediate products/components are also exhibited in LED and LED Lighting Exhibition where especially the LED Lighting products are exhibited. The exhibition is the sector’s only domestic one where LED displays are exhibited along with all sorts of LED products such as those used in the advertising industry, outdoor lighting, architecture and industry.

LEDs that are the products which receive the greatest interest and are in the limelight among the rapidly developing technologies in the world have begun to attract more attention as they have become widespread in the lighting sector. In parallel with this development, LED products and the markets related to LED products have become widespread, allowing the companies in the sector to evince more interest in this field and the companies that do not operate in the sector to show interest in this field.

LED & LED Lighting Exhibition which is the only domestic activity where the developments in LED and LED products can be witnessed along with the developments in the market becoming widespread is following again this year, like every year, its path growing and consolidating its feature of being the field where all the trade in this sector occurs. The development of LED & LED Lighting Exhibition which is carefully followed and definitely added into the participation and/or visit programs by all the groups that show interest in LED products can also be clearly observed in the quality and number of its visitors that increase every year.

We are, every year, developing and improving more the activities that we hold with the effect of the pride and motivation resulting from constituting this activity which will make our country the center of this field in the region as Marmara Fair Organization realized, long before, the advances which the products would make during the early periods of the development of LED technologies in the world.

LED & LED Lighting Exhibition which is today known for not only its domestic buyers but also those from abroad is closely followed by all the groups that operate worldwide in this sector. We are consequently expecting a massive increase, in comparison with the previous years, in 2014 in the number of the participants and visitors from abroad which is already on the increase.

LED & LED Lighting Exhibition that also involves LED Conference and LED Competition which we hold in coordination with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkiye is also supported by Turkiye’s most significant institutions, academic groups, non-governmental organizations and persons related to LED products.

We expect you to participate in LED & LED Lighting Exhibition which is not only Turkiye’s but also the entire region’s only exhibition that covers LED Lighting, LED Products and LED Components in order to

  • Consolidate your present market,
  • Penetrate into new markets, meet new buyers,
  • Begin to operate in the emerging countries in the region,
  • Introduce and convey your products to larger groups.

LED & LED Lighting Exhibition 2014

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