İzmir plans implementation of nostalgic tramway system in Buca,Turkey

İzmir plans implementation of nostalgic tramway system in Buca,Turkey:Nostalgic Tramway System to Buca, İzmir in west Turkey: Mr. Cemil Şeboy, candidate from AKP for the office of Mayor in Buca, gave the news that a nostalgic tramway line is planned to be constructed between Buca and Şirinyer.

The project was planned five years ago and Mr.Şeboy believes that it will help their city to become more prestigious in the region.

Having served as the mayor for the last 15 years, Mr. Şeboy, who has implemented many projects in his town, now has announced his new major projects. As the candidate for the office in the next term, from AKP, Mr. Cemil Şeboy has announced that one of his major projects he plans to have implemented is the nostalgic tramway line between Şirinyer and Buca.


Mr. Cemil Şeboy has indicated that he had the project planned five years ago, before he left the office. He stated that “the nostalgic tramway shall operate on the existing railway line, which is currently out of service. Our plan is to implement the project together with TCDD (Turkish State Railways). The tramway that shall be operated on this 2700 square meter line shall be similar to that in Beyoğlu, İstanbul. We shall also have pedestrian walkways along the guideway. The tramway will have four stops. The old Buca Station will be converted into a Bookstore-Cafe, which will be surrounded with green parks.”

nostalgic Tramway System

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