Istanbul will play a major role in European Railway System

Istanbul will play a major role in European Railway System :Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication has indicated that not only Turkey but all countries located on the Silk Road will benefit from Marmaray.

“11th. European Railway Traffic Management System Global Conference and Fair” of International Union of Railways (UIC) held with cooperation of Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication and Turkish State Railways (TCDD) at Haliç Conference Center.

Mr. Elvan thanked UIC for this warm cooperation with Turkish State Railways and also the participants of the congress who included railway authorities and suppliers from 38 different countries.

Mr. Elvan stated that transportation is the most important ring of the chain between manufacturing and consumption, throughout the globe and a product would gain a value once it starts circulating.

He stressed the fact that railway transportation has big advantages because it is fast, economical and safe. He also highlighted that fact that one of the major facilities in modernization at the dawn of 20th century was railway transportation.

Mr. Elvan pointed out the fact that, after international trade has started growing at global scale at a high pace, the railway transportation became one of the major global actors for transportation with its advantages over other actors, which include the better people-environment relation, smaller area of land use as well as diverting resources to sustainable areas.

Mr. Elvan stated that sustainable international transportation policy requires development and compatibility between various modes of transportation, thus this conference is of high importance for ensuring traffic safety in opening national and regional railway corridors, meeting joint standards and cooperation in related policies.

“Almost the full railway network in Turkey is renovated using rails manufactured in this country” Mr. Elvan highlighted that in the last 12 years they have implemented a railway policy that is in compliance with various modes and have developed their projects considering coordination between such modes. He indicated that they have established a high speed train network, reaching every corner of the country and continued as follows:

“By commencing operation in Marmaray, one of the major links in the Iron Silk Road built from steel, we joined two continents from under the sea. We have taken major steps to develop the railway industry in Turkey. We have implemented legal regulations to privatize the railway sector. We also developed the legislation to ensure integration of the national railways with EU railway system. Meeting in such organizations like this conference, in cooperation with UIC and European Railway entities are of great importance, not just for us and Europe but also for the countries in this region. For this reason, Turkey is like a natural corridor and is one of the important actors in establishing a fair and sustainable transportation partnership.”

Mr. Elvan also indicated that with improved standards in the sector and with the policy and projects of the Turkish Railways in recent years that transportation standard has increased and many new high speed train lines and conventional train lines are being constructed in the country.

He indicated that operation has started in high speed train lines between Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya, Konya-Eskişehir. He also stated that construction of the İstanbul Eskişehir section of the Ankara İstanbul High Speed Train line has been completed and that currently the test and certification activities are ongoing. He continued “The high speed and very high speed train line projects will be completed soon, providing a high speed train service for a population of 40 million people.”

“A freight from Europe can be transported up to Pakistan”

Mr Elvan indicated that, one of the major railway projects is Marmaray and continued: “This system does not only join two sides of İstanbul, but is one of the main rings of a chain that connects West Europe to Far East Asia, the modern Silk Road built from steel. Not only Turkey, but all countries located along the silk road will benefit from this system built 62 meters under the ground. On the other hand, construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway system is ongoing.”

He also informed that block freight train corridors are established between Europe, Middle East and Asia countries and continued:“Connection of Europe with Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia with railway freight corridors is of great importance. With logistic centers constructed in Turkey, both freight transportation and combined transportation are promoted. The organized industrial districts as well as manufacturing centers are connected and are being connected to the national network.

For example a train from Manisa can go to Germany, a freight coming to Mersin at Mediterranean sea from Middle East can be transported to Caucasia with a ferry connection from Samsun at Black Sea. On the other hand a freight from Europe can be transported up to Pakistan. Such examples of combined freight transportation shows the importance in developing and strengthening our cooperation in railway systems with Europe.”

He finally stated that, considering all these factors, one can easily understand the importance of this conference and he firmly believes that the conference will contribute considerably to the railway sector and cooperation between countries.
Then Minister Elvan started the opening ceremony for the fair and visited various stands

Istanbul will play a major role in European Railway System


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