History of Railway in Turkey will be told to the whole World from Eskişehir

History of Railway in Turkey will be told to the whole World from Eskişehir :Within the scope of Eskişehir 2013 Cultural Capital of Turkic World, exhibitions are planned in Turkey and in Europe with permanent exhibitions, documentaries and album books called “Eskişehir Railway Culture Project”, where the railway history of Turkey will be told.

In statements made on this issue, it was explained that Eskişehir has been a cross-road for various routes throughout the history especially for migration and for railways starting in 19th century, making it a railway city. In the same statement, it was explained that with Anatolia, Bagdat and Hidjaz railway it was clearly demonstrated what Turkey could manage with its decisiveness and right projects, even under most demanding conditions in economics, politics and military aspects. It was stated that “It is very important and meaningful for everybody to see these routes to understand our recent history and today. The basis for all the problems encountered in our region in the last century is written in the codes on this line. Thus this project, will be a very important activity for us to see and understand the railway culture in Eskişehir, a city which is identified with railways.”

Details of the project, which will be the first of many planned to explain Eskişehir’s history with railways are provided as below:

“This exhibition will include many stories explaining the history of railway starting from Haydarpaşa Train Terminal and reaching Eskişehir, then from Eskişehir going to Bagdat and Medina Train Stations. There will be chronological exhibition of a time frame explaining various stories related to railways, starting from the Ottoman Empire then up to the Republic, starting from the first cannon ball cast in a railway workshop during the War of Independence up to the first local locomotive manufactured and then starting from the Devrim Car, first car designed and manufactured in Turkey, up to the High Speed Trains to be manufactured.

History of Railway in Turkey will be told to the whole World from Eskisehir

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