High Speed Train Project Will Contribute to Development of Sivas, Turkey

High Speed Train Project Will Contribute to Development of Sivas, Turkey :Among major projects in Turkey, High Speed Train Projects are taking the lead in Turkey. The high speed train lines will revive the economical and touristic life in the cities they are planned to cross. Conducted surveys show that among those who participate

78% think that there will be an increase in commercial activities
80% think it will contribute to tourism
80% think that the HST investments should continue, no matter what the cost is
65% think that HST lines will help our country to be considered as a developed country.

If we consider that the HST trains are both safe and help saving time in travel, we firmly believe that this project will contribute to our economy. The İstanbul Ankara Very High Speed Train project will not only decrease the travel time between these two major cities, but also will provide a comfortable and safe alternative for transportation. The trains will operate between İstanbul and Ankara on two signaled and powered tracks at a speed of 250 kph, reducing the travel time between the two cities down to 3 hours. The other high speed train lines being constructed at various parts of our country will contribute considerably to our economy.

Construction of Ankara Sivas High Speed Train project is ongoing. While the politicians have announced that the operation on this line will start in 2014, I insist that this project can only be completed in the year 2016. If we consider the physical and geographical location of the route between Ankara and Sivas, it will be clearly understood that my projections are correct. On the other hand, this project is linked to the railway connections with the Caucasus, other European Countries as well as Iran and Middle East. The international high speed train line is planned to cross through Sivas, which will be very beneficial for this city. The current railway line between Ankara and Sivas is 603 km and it takes 12 hours to travel by train between the two cities. Once the HST project is completed, on this new line of 405 km with double tracks, the trains planned to travel at a speed of 250 kph will cover this distance in two hours. Now this is service and positive gain for our country.

High Speed Train Project Will Contribute to Development of Sivas, Turkey

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