High Speed Train from Istanbul to Medina

High Speed Train from Istanbul to Medina :Heritage of Abdulhamid the 2nd the Hedjaz Railway is reviving. Turkey pioneering the project is continuing its discussions with Jordan and Saudi Arabia to renovate the existing line as a high speed train line.

The Hedjaz Railway project was implemented during final periods of the Ottoman sovereignty in the area but has been left idle in later years. With the initiative of AK Party Government is proceeding with their objective to revive the Hedjaz Railway. While Turkey is continuing to implement projects to renovate the sections of the line within the borders of the country, converting them to high speed train lines, TCDD is continuing its discussions with Jordan and Saudi Arabia to renovate the remaining sections of the line. The Hedjaz Railway line will provide a transportation alternative from Istanbul to Medina, which will be as comfortable as a metro line. This line will provide a very important service for the Islamic Nations in their joint cooperation. The line, planned to commence operation in 2023, will be a major route for people on their way to Hadj.

TCC has developed a project to provide a high speed train service from Turkey to the sacred lands. With this project the Hedjaz Railway will be renovated, converting it to a high speed train line. Once restored, the renovated Hedjaz Railway line will recommence railway transportation service for those on their way to Hadj. Moslems living in Europe, Asia, Caucasus, Russia and other countries will go to Hadj passing through Turkey. As with past centuries, Turkey will once more become one of the major routes to Hadj. With this project the travel time from İstanbul to Medina will be reduced to 12 hours.

Discussions are ongoing between Turkey and Jordan and Saudi Arabia for renovating the Hedjaz Railway. For TCDD this railway line if of major importance and thus is continuous contact with these two countries. Once the railway projects in these countries are implemented the modern and high quality İstanbul Mecca Railway line will commence operation.
In its great effort to renovate the Hedjaz Railway Line, Turkey found its first support in Jordan. Jordan has requested support from TCDD for restoring the line that was constructed during the Ottoman era. They requested a technical study on the Hedjaz Railway line, conducting a performance analysis on the bridges and tunnels of the line and to conduct a due diligence study for determining the current status of the planned stations and terminals along the line.

Turkey sent a committee as requested by Jordan to conduct the performance analysis for the bridges and tunnels and conduct a due diligence study for the planned terminals and stations along the Hedjaz Railway line. TCDD will provide technical support to the railway line

High Speed Train from Istanbul to Medina

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