Groundbreaking Ceremony for the İstanbul Çekmeköy Metro Project in Turkey

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the İstanbul Çekmeköy Metro Project in Turkey :Groundbreaking Ceremony for the İstanbul Çekmeköy Project in Turkey, which is planned to be completed in a record period of 38 months.

In his speech in the groundbreaking and collective commencement ceremony, Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality has stated that the Çekmeköy Metro will be completed within a record period of 38 months.

Repeating their slogan “metro in every district, with metro to every district”, Topbaş continued “our target is to complete the Üsküdar-Çekmeköy-Taşdelen line in 38 months, which is a world record. Such metro lines on this globe are usually constructed by states. There is no other municipality on this earth that implements metro networks at this scale and capacity from their own resources. When others are giving examples from the world, they should consult us and we will willingly explain the real facts. We continuously observe the developments and urbanization throughout the world by participating in the meetings at such locations. I have personally visited and observed the Tokyo traffic from their control center as well as the traffic in Korea and Berlin from their traffic centers, which helped me to gain insight on such systems. This is what we do to serve our own city, to implement global models in İstanbul by further developing them. İstanbul Control Center is the number one center on this globe. We are obliged to be number one in every field. We have to work very hard to make up for the time lost in the past”.

Mr. Topbaş who indicated that they are investing in Çekmeköy considerably and has explained that “the metro line will be completed in 2015. With this line, people coming from Şile will be transferred for connection to İstanbul. When metro is put into service in Çekmeköy, people will not only be able to have access to Taksim, Kartal or the Airport. With this system, they will be able to go to Marmaray and from there be able to travel all the way up to Ankara, Far East, London and other places in Europe using high speed trains. One single station in Çekmeköy will open the way to other destination throughout the world. This is civilization, this is service.”

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the İstanbul Çekmeköy Metro Project in Turkey

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