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Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Eurasia Roadway Tube Crossing :In his speech in the ceremony, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that “As with Marmaray, we will construct two tubes for two way traffic, under the sea, between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe. This will reduce the travel time between the two continents, for rubber tired vehicles.”

Prime Minister Erdoğan, participated the ceremony for the Roadway Tube Crossing in Bosphorous, Istanbul (Eurasia Tunnel). The ceremony was held in Haydarpaşa Port where the TBM machine has started tunnel boring process.

In his speech, he stated that he was very excited in this extraordinary day. He also stated that his is not a groundbreaking ceremony, but the actual groundbreaking ceremony was held earlier in a rainy day in Üsküdar.

He explained that today, the tunnel boring activity is starting to open a tunnel under the Bosphorous, for rubber tired vehicles. He also explained that the TBM machine to be used for this purpose is a different type with special characteristics. He continued stating that “with this different and special machine, we will bore a tunnel of almost 10 m each day connecting Asia to Europe. For this tunnel, a very special TBM machine is manufactured in Germany”.

Stating that, now they are at the beginning of a very important stage in Eurasia Tunnel and continued explaining; “As with Marmaray, we will construct two tubes for two way traffic, under the sea, between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe. This will reduce the travel time between the two continents, for rubber tired vehicles. We had signed the Contract in the ceremony held on 26th February 2011. That was the exact start date for this project”

“Preparation works took place and last year on 27th May construction works started in Çatladıkapı, a district most probably most of you haven’t heart until today. A special TBM machine has been manufactured in Germany for this tunnel. Fully designed by Yapı Merkezi, the machine was manufactured there. Then this giant machine was brought here and its assembly was completed and today it is starting to excavate for the tunnel”.

He explained that, while the machine will be excavating the soil to open a tunnel 25 m below the sea, it will at the same time construct the walls of the tunnel. There are only a few of this type of tunnels in the world.

He continued his speech as follows:
“In USA, in New York there are 4 tunnels for rubber tired vehicles, that pass under the sea. A similar tunnel also exists in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. There is a similar tunnel in Europe in France. Now we are building the most modern and advanced roadway tunnel in İstanbul. Rubber tired vehicles can now cross from one continent to the other from the Boğaziçi Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.

Last week I visited the construction site for the third bridge the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Piers are almost being completed there.

Construction works are ongoing at a very high pace. Currently, it is possible to cross from one continent to the other by roadway using the two bridges and by train, using Marmaray. The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will have both roadway and railway built. When this Eurasia Tunnel is completed, there will be 4 roadway crossings between the two continents. We hope this shall relieve the traffic in Istanbul.

This major project involves construction of 14.6 km road, between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe. 5.4 km of this road will be constructed under the Bosphorous with this tunnel. The remaining 9.2 will be on land, including construction of road, crossing tunnel, bridges and overflies.

“Travel time between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe will be reduced to 15 minutes.”
Mr. Erdoğan has stated that, currently the travel time between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe is 100 minutes, and stated that “when the Eurasia Tunnel is completed, it will take only 15 minutes to travel between these two destinations. Reducing this travel time, will bring peace of mind to people, leave aside the economic benefits considering technical advantages.

“The tunnel will be highly resistant to earthquakes”
Mr. Erdoğan stated that this 1.245 billion US$ project is one of the leading projects on earth and continued;
“Once the tunnel and the roads are completed, it will pay back for its own cost with the savings from fuel. While this enormous structure will have no impact on the environment and the sea, since traffic congestion will be ended, it will reduce exhaust gas emissions considerably, thus contributing to protection of the environment. On the other hand, the tunnel will be highly resistant to earthquakes.

We are really proud and excited now to be at the tunnel boring stage in this global project. We will wait impatiently to see the light at the other end of the tunnel. I hope we will meet here again to hold a ceremony to open the tunnel to traffic.

Mr. Erdoğan, thanking all those who contributed to the project, continued “Here I would like to thank to the former Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Mr. Binali Yıldırım, new Minister Mr. Lütfi Elvan, the Contractors, both to the owners and to the employees including all the architects and engineers, workers and other staff, in my name and in name of my nation.

I especially would like to thank to the South Korean firms and Turkish Firms who are the contractors in this project. Here I also would like to repeat my condolences for the losses in the ship wreck accident in South Korea.
“We are very excited to see that Turkey has advanced to become a country that can invest in test of giant projects simultaneously”

Mr. Erdoğan has continued his speech stating that while such giant projects make Istanbul and attraction point on international terms, it also increases Turkey’s prestige on global level and he continued stating;

“12 years ago, Turkey was a country that had a hard time to implement a single similar project and now we are excited to witness that over ten similar projects can be implemented at one time. Our private sector has contributed considerably in this success.

Almost all of the major projects ongoing both in Istanbul and throughout Turkey are being implemented by private sector’s resources. Our new airport, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, city hospitals, all are being constructed by private sector, their resources and dynamism. Now we are planning to proceed with Canal İstanbul Project.”

“We have managed to make use of the resources of our country with smart, efficient projects that answered the needs and considering the 91 years in our Republic, in these last 12 brilliant years, we were able to implement very successful projects.”

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