German Railways had to pay €40 million for passengers they caused delay

German Railways had to pay €40 million for passengers they caused delay :Last year German Railways (DB) was ruled to pay the largest compensation fee in their history to their passengers.
According to a statement made by a spokesman of DB made on Saturday, a total of € 40 million was paid as a compensation fee to a total of 1,300,000 passengers in the year 2013, for delay caused.

On the other hand, for 3500 incidents, application was made to an arbitrager authority and in 88% the passenger was ruled to be right. The reason for such a high compensation rate paid to the passengers by the railways is based on a decision of the European Court of Justice announced in September last year.

According to this decision, the passengers have the right to obtain a compensation for delays, even in incidents that are not a defect of the railways like bad weather conditions, flooding, strikes etc. The passenger can claim 25% of the fare rate for a delay of 1 hour and half for a delay of two hours. If they are required to stay in a hotel, the railway company has to reimburse the hotel cost. If no decision is reached within three months regarding the complaint of the customer, then the issue is forwarded to an arbitrager authority.

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