Emreray and Sahin Yilmaz Elektrik is leading Turkish Railway company

Emreray & Sahin Yilmaz Elektrik is leading Turkish Railway company :Emre Ray, to the present day from the year 1994, have been working in the fields of Energy, Construction, Transportation, Communication and Rail Systems.

Our companies have successfully realized many projects in the areas of Railway Superstructure, Electrification, Signalization and Communication, Hydroelectrical Power Plants, Energy Production and Operation, Electricity Transmission and Distribution, Telecommunication and Cable Networks, Building Construction and Infrastrucrure works.
In the realiation of the High Speed Train Projects which are one of the most important projects of our country, our companies have achieved the task, which they undertook,in the best way as the first national companies with an understanding of high quality and service.

Our companies have installed total 451 km Speed Train line suitable for 250 km/h speed and total 310 km Conventional line suitable for 160 km/h and total 100 km Trolley line and total 860 km long catenary line. In addition, signalization and telecommunication works of 300 km at length have been achieved.

Our companies have been providing services in the following fields with priority in the sector of Rail Systems:

* Design, Project and Feasibility,
* System Engineering,
* Material Supply and Installation,
* Testing and Commissioning

in connection with


In the manufacturing shop, any manufactures being directed to projects relating to Rail Systems, Railway Elecrification and Signalization as well as to projects of other sectors.

Emre Ray have also providing any maintenance, repair and operation services for the contracting sector as well as for Rail Systems (for Railway Superstructure, Electrification and Signalization Communication Facilities), Power Generation Plants, 380/15 kV Substations and Power Transmission Lines.

Our companies have also realized the special and quality projects in the Sector of Construction and have been still continuing their activities in this sector.

Turkish Railway company

Source : www.emreray.com

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