Embeded Rail Systems in Desert

Embeded Rail Systems in Desert :edilon)(sedra is an international company which has branches throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America. The company presents solutions to the urban rail systems employing highly-educated rail infra technicians.

edilon)(sedra also provides technical solutions for projects in desert climates using the EDILON Corkelast® projects that the company can show its performance is the making of the Saudi Arabian High-Speed Systems, which will be an essential part of the future infrastructure.

edilon)(sedra is a worldwide company active in the field of products and systems for railway infrastructure projects. The company develops and manufactures innovative highly durable track systems for trains, trams, metros and crane tracks. edilon)(sedra are internationally active and has branches in many countries throughout Europe, the Middle and Far East, and North America. The combination of expertise and know-how has given rise to a solid, enterprising and dynamic organization. edilon)(sedra are often consulted or hired by local governments, consultants, project developers and construction companies.edilon)(sedra employs highly-educated rail infra technicians, who are responsible for innovation and project analysis on a day-to-day basis.

In the past decades the company has successfully concluded several large rails infra projects. With their leading quality and safety requirements the patented rail-fastening systems are fully compatible. Being the owner of an ISO 9001 certificate, edilon)(sedra became a valuable, global partner for a broad range of railway infrastructure projects.

The mission of edilon)(sedra is comprised of the following:

)( Provide tailor-made solutions for railways and urban transit

)( Facilitate our in-house R&D lab to engineer high quality N&V reducing materials and systems

)( Your partner for Design-Construct-Maintain projects

)( Produce and supply practice-proven products & technology that will last for decades.

The company presents solutions to the urban rail systems, with edilon)(sedra’s Urban Slab Track Systems (USTS), complete and innovative, proven vibration and noise reducing track systems and EDILON Corkelast®

edilon)(sedra BV were recently awarded a contract for the use of their Urban Slab Track System (USTS) with Embedded Rail Systems (ERS) for the extension of the Athens Tramway to the port of Piraeus. The track will run on a single line of 5,5 km in a one-way loop, linking the current south Embedded Rail System and conventional ballasted tracks. Regarding this, one of the Embedded Rail System (ERS).terminus at Neo Faliro along the busy downtown area of the country’s second largest city.

edilon)(sedra BV will provide the general design of the system, supply of materials and provision of technical support, training and quality control assistance. This project has been awarded to the Greek Themeli SA as general contractor with a value of 61,5 million euro. The construction will begin in the summer of 2013 and it is expected to be commissioned at the beginning of 2015 year. For projects in desert climates edilon)(sedra also provides technical solutions with the use of EDILON Corkelast®In sand migration zones the technical track specifications remain unchanged where conventionalballast track becomes fully contaminated.Additional features are:

)( The reduction of Sand blasting of rail, locos and coaches

)( High security level

)( Construction costs

)( Maintenance costs.

Embedded Rail System. Complete with the following technical advantages:

In very dry arid (extreme) desert conditions, where sand migration and mitigation will occur on a frequent basis, conventional ballasted track will become contaminated with sand and take-on characteristics of a solid non-resilient track within a short period of time. With the lack of designed resilience in the ballast bed will then reduce the life cycle of the rails through wear and tear of sand blasting and the forming of rail corrugation.

With the many high profile projects being designed and implemented throughout the MENA territory, the “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” as a world class economy has been a forefront leader in the sustainable growth and development of the rail industry by providing a very high standard of rail transportation for both freight and commuters.

Considering the local and international importance and large investments allocated to such railway projects the final implemented result should be a durable long lasting, maintenance free system, designed to withstand all climate conditions.

The Saudi railway program consists of very ambitious projects and with three very large networks there is a requirement for complex engineering.

The Saudi Arabian High-Speed Systems to be built are an essential part of infrastructure for the future, and gives cause for challenges due to the tight timeframes and local conditions.

An additional major challenge is logistics, therefore supporting local production of concrete elements is not only favored but also reduces the carbon footprint of the overall project and additionally at the same time homogenous quality will be assured.

The EDILON Embedded Rail System (ERS) is certified and approve as it provides:

)( Continuous rail support in both a vertical and lateral direction

)( Reduction of noise and vibration attenuation.

)( Electrical isolation against stray current

)( Virtually maintenance free – fit-and-forget

)( Cost savings in construction

)( Rail tracks accessible by emergency vehicles,

edilon)(sedra have a long and successful history with the EDILON Slab Track System, providing technical solutions for different kinds of rail traffic since 1973.


)( Provisions for emergency accessibility within closed stations or tunnels

)( Construction and Maintenance costs

)( Passenger safety and comfort

Embeded Rail Systems in Desert

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