Electric Multiple Units Series 671 Slovakia (Photo Gallery)

Electric Multiple Units Series 671 Slovakia :Škoda Vagonka produces two-floor multi-system electric units of series 671 for the Slovak railways, these units are intended for commuter transport particularly in the outskirts of Trenčín, Košice and Žilina. The construction solution proceeds from electric units of series 471 and 575 which are driven in the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

A three-car formation consists of an electric car of series 671, driving car of series 971 and intermediate car of series 071. Thanks to the automatic coupling it is possible to connect and control up to four units during the rush hour. This train unit is equipped with multi-system electric equipment and is prepared for the European signalling, control and train protection system (ETCS).

Modern car equipment and low level of interior noise contribute to comfortable travelling. Seats are coupled 2 + 2 and each double seat is equipped with a power point. There is also an effective system of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning. The electric and driving cars are equipped with drop down ramps for passengers on wheelchairs. Wide low-floor doors also enable fast and comfortable exiting and boarding. All areas are monitored by fire sensors, and engine rooms are equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system. Passengers will also appreciate a clear information system.

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