Comply Serve to Provide Requirements Management Services for Etihad Rail

Comply Serve to Provide Requirements Management Services for Etihad Rail :Comply Serve, market leaders in progressive assurance software solutions for the infrastructure sector, has secured a contractor extension to supply additional ComplyPro® software licences and consultancy for the Etihad Rail Programme. Etihad Rail is the developer and operator of the UAE’s national railway network.

The Programme Management Consultancy (PMC) team and Design and Build contractors at Etihad Rail initially specified ComplyPro for Stage 1 of the programme to record and track progressive assurance and compliance on the large-scale railway. Based on this success, the team is now increasing the number of ComplyPro users. Stage 2 comprises a route of 628km and will connect the railway to Mussafah, Khalifa and Jebel Ali ports, extending the network to the Saudi and Omani borders.

ComplyPro fully integrates into large-scale infrastructure projects from the start, enabling all parties to progressively monitor the health of a project with unprecedented visibility. With the ComplyPro system, internationally dispersed project teams are able to demonstrate compliance of project design and build against agreed specifications as it progresses – accessing a common point of reference with full traceability – throughout the project lifecycle.

Commenting on the use of ComplyPro, Simon D’Cruz, Senior Manager, Network Systems, commented: “We are pleased with how ComplyPro has performed to date on Stage 1 and again wanted to have one system to handle the design and construction of the entire project . This stage is even longer and more complex than Phase 1, so it is essential that we have a robust progressive assurance system in place, connecting all programme partners across the internet using a common tool gives the entire supply chain a single and accurate view.”

The ComplyPro tool suite is used for project-wide safety assurance and hazard management by the central programme team.

Implemented as a single, shared ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) software solution across all principle contractors, ComplyPro delivers a progressive view of compliance across all programme specifications and contractual obligations, with a focus on technical, safety and environmental requirements. This dramatically improves efficiency of handover to the operator on completion of construction ensuring the railway system is safe to operate and fit for purpose.

Chris Rolison, founder of Comply Serve said: “Our close relationship and unique capability has allowed us to meet the demanding business requirements of the Etihad Rail stakeholders. Our key objective is to demonstrate progressively that the railway system is being designed and delivered to meet the exacting client specification, thus avoiding costly rework and surprises. The increase in ComplyPro usage is particularly pleasing as it shows that more engineers are benefitting from the efficiencies of the progressive assurance approach.”

“The Middle East is particularly forward thinking in this area. Our clients here want to embrace more efficient and cost effective ways of managing project assurance; particularly important given the boom in rail projects in the region and the competition for scarce compliance and systems engineering skills. We are proud to have been fully engaged on Stage1 of the Project and now look forward to supporting the project in the future,” Rolison added.

The Etihad Rail network will ultimately provide services for both freight and passengers, with social benefits including lower cost transportation, faster journeys than highway alternatives and reduced levels of highway traffic. The project will also contribute to tourism and the wider UAE economy.

Built to international standards, Etihad Rail’s state-of-the-art network will span approximately 1,200 km, acting as a catalyst for economic growth and sustained social development. Upon completion, the railway will redefine logistics and transport in the region, providing a modern, safe, efficient and sustainable network that will connect all regions of the UAE to its neighbouring GCC countries.

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Comply Serve to Provide Requirements Management Services for Etihad Rail


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