Chennai Metro Rail fares to be fixed next month

Chennai Metro Rail fares to be fixed next month : The fares for Chennai Metro Rail may be finalised sometime next month after final consultations with the State and Central governments.

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) had suggested that the fares be in the Rs. 8-Rs. 23 range and subsequently, appointed a consultant sometime ago to conduct a study for the same.

“The decision will be taken in a month or so as the details of the fares will have to be fed into the Automatic Fare Collection system that will be present in every Metro Rail station,” said an official of CMRL. “The fares will most likely remain in the Rs. 8- Rs. 23 range with a variation of a rupee or two perhaps. We need to consult the State and Central governments on the issue,” he added.

The consultant took into account the fares of the other modes of transport including the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) as part of its study. “Only if the fares are on par or at most slightly higher than other modes of transport, especially buses, will the service be popular. We can consider hiking the fares over the years,” he added.

The consultant conducted a study, as required by CMRL, for recommending various fare packages. Other factors that were taken into consideration include the local demand, possible ridership and travel patterns. The consultant will also suggest estimates for first class and general fares.

Chennai Metro Rail fares to be fixed next month

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