Boring Process is staring in Eurasia Tube Tunnel Project in İstanbul ,Turkey

Boring Process is staring in Eurasia Tube Tunnel Project in İstanbul :Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication has made a statement indicating that assembly of the 14 meter high giant Tunnel Boring Machine to be used for boring tunnels in the Eurasia Tube Tunnel Project, which is consider a sibling of the Marmaray Project and he continued stating that “we will soon start boring under the Bosphorous in İstanbul”

Minister Elvan explained that while the Eurasia Tube Tunnel Project is considered a sibling of Marmaray, it will be constructed for roadway traffic only. The tunnel will serve 90 thousand vehicles per day and will be built as a two story tunnel, one for each direction. He continued stating that “Besides reducing the transportation time, the air pollution rate and gasoline consumption will also be reduced.”

Mr. Elvan has explained that considerable progress has been achieved in excavation works of this project that will cost over 2 billion Turkish liras and that excavation rate on East side is over 70%. The project will reduce the travel time between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe from 100 minutes down to 15 minutes. Minister Elvan gave the news that the tunnel boring activities are about to start and continued as follows:

“The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) planned to be used for this project is specially designed and manufactured in Germany, considering the ground conditions and pressure rate of Bosphorous. This giant boring machine will bore a tunnel 106 meters below the ground of Bophorus. The tunnel will be 3.4 km long and connect Haydarpaşa Sea Port with Cankurtaran. We assembled this giant machine that is 130 m long and weighs 1500 tonnes at a depth of 40 m under the ground and will start boring below the Bosphorous soon. This giant boring machine will excavate about 10 meters per day, completing the boring process in about 1.5 years.”

Road on the seaside will not be closed.
Mr. Elvan has also explained that the road on the seaside connecting Cankurtaran to Kazlıçeşme will be widened to have lanes and roadwork shall start this summer. He highlighted that the road will not be closed during these activities and continued “we will construct two lanes parallel to the road on the seaside. We will improve the road between Cankurtaran and Kazlıçeşme part by part, increasing the number of lanes, without any interruption of the traffic.” Mr. Elvan explained that the referred tunnel will enable the vehicles running between Bostancı and Kadıköy to cross to Sirkeci-Yenikapı-Zeytinburnu and the 14.6 km long project will start from Florya Sirkeci Seaside road and end at Göztepe Intersection of the Ankara State Highway.
Earth’s Sixth Largest tunnel

Minister Elvan has explained that within the scope of project 8 underpasses, 10 pedestrian overflies will be constructed and 4 existing intersections will be renovated. He continued “The intersections and access roads outside the tunnel will also be transferred to İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, free of charge. Only tunnel will have a fare. It is planned to fix this fare in Turkish Liras corresponding to about 4 US$ + VAT. Considering that this tunnel will be Earth’s sixth largest tunnel, even the savings from fuel leads to considerable savings. Besides relieving traffic over the bridge crossings, the tunnel will reduce exhaust gas emission by a considerable rate.

Boring Process is staring in Eurasia Tube Tunnel Project in İstanbul ,Turkey


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