Atatürks coach (Photo Gallery)

Atatürks coach :This wagon as the only original example of White Train that was used by Ataturk for local visits during 1935 and 1938 has been exhibited since 1964 at Ankara Station beside “Ataturk’s Residence during the War of Independence and Railways Museum “. It was registered by the Ministry of Culture in 1991 as “the cultural value of Ataturk to be preserved”.

Characteristics of the Coach:
Weight: 46.3 ton
Length: 14.8 m .
Manufacturer: LHV Linke Hofmann-Werke, Breslau ,1935

This coach that was used by Ataturk for his local visits between 1935 and 1938 also “hosted” his last travel.

On November 19 th , 1938 Friday Ataturk’s corpse was taken from Dolmabahçe Palace and embarked on Yavuz Armour Ship in Sarayburnu. His corpse was put on the table positioned in the middle of this coach with a ceremony. It was at 8:23 a.m. Six torches were lit around the corpse and six army officers were standing guard with their swords. When the division band started playing funeral march at 8:32 a.m., the train set off for Ankara with the tears of the crowd gathered in the station.
The train arrived in Ankara on November 20 th , 1938 Sunday at 10:04 a.m. Ismet Inönü, members of parliament, soldiers, polices, officials, student and people were waiting in front of the station. Ataturk’s coffin was taken out through wagon’s window and put on the gun carriage in front of the ” Direksiyon Building “, where he commanded the War of Independence, at 10:26 a.m.; so, he bid farewell to his nation and traveled for the last time on “White Train”.

Wagon is composed of following parts:
2.Restroom for Guards/ Suite
3.Compartment for Guards/ Suite
4.Compartment for Women
6.Atarurk’s Bedroom
8.Rest Compartment

Hall. The luminous mechanism indicating the bells buzzed for the needs in the compartments and saloon of the wagon.

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