Alternative to railway systems in urban transport: Ropeways

Alternative to railway systems in urban transport: Ropeways .LEITNER presents a new comfort including seat heating in Ankara. Ankara The biggest urban ropeway in Eurasia will be opened in2014 in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey

The new ropeway will be an alternative that will attract even the possessors of cars. Ankara’s inhabitants soon will be able to use comfortably LEITNERs’ ropeway, instead of waiting in another traffic jam. Starting with 2014 LEITNER ropeways will show how to revolutionize the city traffic by using innovative and architectural ambitious ropeways.
The biggest urban ropeway project on the Eurasian continent demonstrates possibilities and advantages by using ropeways in metropolises.
In the capital of Turkey, Ankara city, an exceptional ropeway will connect the district Şentepe with the metro station Yenimahalle, which is one of Ankara’s main arteries. The detachable GD10 gondola with four stations can transport up to 2,400 passengers per hour, with a length of over 3,204 meters in both directions. Since the ropeway will be connected to the main public mass passenger transport the street traffic will be relieved, at the same time the environment will be preserved through less emissions.
Modern design and remarkable architecture by the company Primavera Design will make the stations a highlight of the installation. At night special LED-systems will provide exceptional light effects. An urban design for the towers has been developed together with the sister company LEITWIND.

At a height of 60 meters an impressive view over the Ankara city can be enjoyed from one of the seat heated cabins between the hours 05.00 and 23.00. The 10-passenger gondola lift will be lighted as well because of the long operating hours.

Cost effectiveness and economic feasibility with LEITNER DirectDrive and LeitDrive

Special requirements need innovative solutions. A minimization of emissions and noise development is guaranteed through the exclusive drive system of LEITNER DirectDrive and the corresponding frequency converter LeitDrive. 365 days a year the handicapped accessible ropeway will run high economically and reliably.
This spectacular project of LEITNER ropeways underlines its leading position as provider of ropeways in urban areas. Such concepts have worked for other metropolises all over the world through the core competencies of LEITNER ropeways: highest quality, modern technology, premium design, sustainability and individuality.

Alternative to railway systems in urban transport Ropeways

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