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Accessibility for Disabled as a 2015 target :According to the new law for people with disabilities, which entered into force in 2005, municipalities should provide the public transportation vehicles and other common usage areas with special systems so that the disabled people and the elderly could use them too. The legal deadline for this is July 2015.

In order to remove obstacles, while going forward 2015 year there is a need of making important changes and developments in transportation. The most important public transportation method, railed systems provides self-confidence and freedom to disabled people. All regulations limiting this freedom have to be finalized till July 2015. We have reviewed the railed systems in our metropolitans to be sample model for our other cities with which disabled individuals can easily travel and comfortably reach; as well as there should be reviewed the implementations regarding metro busses and buses. Below you can find the chart of disabled access of Turkey in 2013.

Ankara – Ankaray and Ankara Subway
Although almost at every station of Ankara Subway and Ankaray there is disabled elevator, a very few of municipality buses used have become suitable for the disabled. We are excitedly expecting the accessibility level of disabled in the phases of Sincan, Çayyolu, Keçirören subway lines of Ankara Subway which will be opened in this year.

İstanbul – İstanbul Subway and Metro Bus
There is elevator at only 5 stops of the 40 stops of Avcılar – Söğütlüçeşme metro bus line. In order to ensure that all stops will be suitable for access of disabled, the “intelligent stop” project has been realized. It seems that this project designed for disabled in metro buses in İstanbul will be awarded by the associations for disabled. Intelligent stop system will automatically inform the driver upon that disabled individuals are waiting for vehicle. Similarly, the information upon the direction of the bus coming to the stop will be given to passengers with sight disabilities with vocal announcements.

Metro stops having disabled ramp areTopkapı, Zeytinburnu, İncirli, Yenibosna and Cennet Mahallesi. Moreover, out of the 970 stops belonging to IETT just 327 stops have become suitable for the usage of disabled and accessibility was provided to 1200 buses belonging to 2600 lines of IETT and Otobüs A.Ş.

İzmir –İzmir Subway and İzban
We have researched for the situation in Izmir, as lately the number of population considerable grows and the transportation each day becomes more troubled. The services that are provided by metropolitan municipality at İzmir Subway to the disabled with companion or without companion is commendable. When the disabled passengers without any companion needed support entering into station they are guided by the officers. Especially, passengers with sight disabilities, passengers travelling with wheel chair and orthopedically handicapped passengers if they don’t have companion then they are taken down with security personnel to the platform and they are delivered to other officer. The station in which the passenger shall get off is learned and it is ensured that such passenger gets on the vehicle, the information is given to the stop to which passenger travels with radiotelephone. Disabled passenger needing support is welcomed at the station where passenger gets off and an officer will accompany till passenger is outside of the system. Same applications are valid also for hearing impaired, speech handicapped or mooncalf passengers travelling without any companion.

Bursa – BursaRay
We were informed by the Burulaş authorities that in many stations in Bursa light rail system most of the disabled lifts have problems. Also, about 40% of the elevators are broken. In order to remove all these problems, 70 disabled lifts at 31 stations are being renovated and or replaced with modern elevator systems. First operations have started in Sehreküstü station. According to our survey, most of the elevators have problems are because of wrong utilization and too much demands. In order to minimize this situation, card ticket system should be integrated to the elevators. So, service shall achieve its real aim and additional expenses such as unnecessary defects, maintenance will be reduced considerably.

Samsun – SamRay
Although at the first sight the railed systems provide major eases in disabled transportation in Samsun, it turns into an enormous suffering because of little shortages and defects. The distance between stations and vehicles causes wheel chair users facing with nightmare transportation. Despite this fact, Samulaş can be a sample for the tramway systems for other cities with its tramway stops perfectly designed, ramps suitable for disabled standards and elevators at the four over passes providing considerable eases in respect of accessibility to these stops.

Generally, in all metropolitans it is working on removing the obstacles for the disabled by implementing new handicapped law. Although the importance of access for disabled in public transportation is understood with the new developments in railed systems, problems with regard to transportation to the stations should be reviewed again. We hope that we will provide public transportation news in the next years which will be smoother, more accessible and in compliance with world standards to all disabled people from our country.

For transportation without obstacles for a Turkey without obstacles the target is 2015…

Accessibility for Disabled as a 2015 target


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