30 sets of Vehicles will be purchased for Kayseri – Turkey

30 sets of Vehicles will be purchased for Kayseri – Turkey :Kayseray tram project in Kayseri began in January 2006, and immediately a completion target of 1,065 days was set. The initial proposal was a reaction to the growing traffic congestion in the central parts of the city, and to reduce this, a mass-transit tram link was planned to cut right across the area, allowing transportation of locals from one part of the region to the other.

The length of the track is in excess of 17 km, with 28 stations (averaging a size of 65m/each). Total journey time is expected to be in the region of 45 minutes. 22 trams will be ordered initially.

30 sets of tram vehicles will be purchased for Kayseri Tram called Kayseray in Turkey. The tender end date is

31.03.2014 – 14:00.

The vehicles will be delivered in 780 days with listed spare parts in tender documentation. Please click here for tender documents and details:


Kayseray Rayli Tasima Sistemi Araci Alimi ihalesi

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