10 more countries join the Smart Ticket Alliance

10 more countries join the Smart Ticket Alliance :Europe: 2 years ago, in February 2012 five members of EU had signed a Memorandum of Understanding towards implementation of a Smart Ticketing Alliance. These were ITSO, UK; VdV, Germany; AFIMB, France; Calypso Network Association, France; UITP, International.

The objective was to cooperate on the development of Smart Ticketing interoperability based on the principles of Interoperable Fare Management (IFM) set out in the EU-IFM Project funded by the European Commission and the developments in contactless bankcards and NFC-enabled devices, particularly the mobile phones.

Now smart card operators from 10 countries have joined these founder members on 24th June. The smart ticketing alliance is an international non-profit organization.

Smart Ticketing Alliance is now setting working groups looking at the contactless interface, NFC, certification and media security.

John Verity from ITSO, was elected the first chairman of the alliance. “The transport smartcard industry is very fragmented and needs a single voice across Europe, and wider, to get what we need from the latest customer smart media. We need security, we need speed and we need consistency in response from suppliers,” said Verity.

10 more countries join the Smart Ticket Alliance

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