Turkey Marmaray Stations

Turkey Marmaray Stations :All existing stations will either be re-furbished or renewed. The general principles will be central platforms, and all platforms will be prepared for future 10-car trains. This means that the length will be approximately 225 meters.

The three new underground stations at the Istanbul Strait Crossing will be designed in details by the Contractors in very close cooperation with the relevant Authorities including DLH and the Municipalities. Yenikapı will be the biggest transfer station on the Project. And all three will have the main concourse underground and only entrances visible above ground.

On the illustrations you will see a potential design – what could the station look like – but the final design may look and appear different from these illustrations.

Sirkeci Station will be totally underground. The graphics shows a potential design of the station. Only limited areas are occupied at the surface to minimize impact on historical buildings and the need for land acquisition.

Yenikapı Station is one of the major transfer stations. The graphics potentially demonstrate that the majority of the station is under ground and only a light structure is above ground to guide the passengers to the entrance.

Üskudar Station is the most important transfer station on the Asian side of the Istanbul Strait. The illustration shows a potential design of how the design could be arranged. The station and the concourse is an underground structure
Istanbul is a unique city that has a variety of old buildings and cultural treasuries. The picture shows one of the best preserved old stations in Goztepe. The Station will be preserved and re-furbished as part of the Marmaray Project.

New Rolling Stock will be purchased for the Marmaray Project. The picture shows what a design could look like for typical modern railway cars for metro systems. (Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit)
The three new stations on the Bosporus Crossing portion of the project will be constructed as deep underground stations.
The pictures show examples seen in metros around the world – how the design can ensure a light and friendly environment, even deep below ground level.
These pictures of the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit, show the modern design of the stairs and escalators needed to bring people up and down from the platforms.

Long escalators, bringing people direct from platforms to near ground level, are sometimes used in very deep underground stations.

Teito Rapid Transit Authority, Namboku Line, Tokyo
Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit
Expansive arrangement of underground station gives users relaxed and pleasant feelings.

Turkey Marmaray Stations

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