Transsiberian railway line at its 110 years

Transsiberian railway line at its 110 years :Exactly 110 years ago in 1903 in the capital of Russia by then St. Petersburg there was opened the world’s longest railway line between the capital city and the city of Vladivostok. The railway was of approximately 10 thousands km length, and it was connecting the European part of Russia with the Far East region and Siberia.

Due to its number of stations and the construction time of the railway line the Transsiberian railway line has been registered in the Guinness Book. The construction of the railway line took place between 1891 and 1916 years.

Anatoly Vasilyev, a professor at Moscow Transportation University, has held a speech about this railway line, sustained that throughout the Transsiberian rail project such bridges that pass over the big rivers like Ob, Yenisey, and Amur are considered a masterpiece of engineers. He also added that next to bridges, stations and tunnels, within the projects there were built hospitals and schools. By then the moral values were of great value. Along the railway line there were built churches as well. Together with the building of the new Transsiberian railway line a new epoch has begun.

The Transsiberian railway line was the right option for those who were looking for adventure and journey. The Transsiberian railway line was giving the opportunity not only to explore the large Russian geography but to travel between different seasons and climates.

Transsiberian railway line at its 110 years


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