Transport Logistics Exhibition – Istanbul Turkey (Video)

Transport Logistics Exhibition – Istanbul Turkey :New trends in development of transport sector Changes in the global economy and international economic policy of Turkey affected the transport service specialization.

European transport sector is shrinking, while the Middle East indicates a sustained growth.” says Altinay Bekar, the manager of International Transport Logistics Exhibition logitrans, and she adds: “Turkey operates on its traditional markets and at the same time is carrying out activities on African and American markets, therefore covering the gap of transport services. Thus, it meets the deficit, caused by the European market. While transport and logistics sector targets 100 billion US dollars turnover in the 100th year of the Turkish Republic, it grows stronger in new markets of North Africa,Latin America and Middle East.

Besides, according to the reported indicators, based on export and import, the importance of logistics is going to grow, stated Altinay Bekar; “logitrans will create a business environment responding to the specific needs of different markets,” she said.

Investment in logistics goes up
Investment in transport and communications of last 10 years caught up with 150 billion TL. “Today we have 7 operating and under-construction airports and the world’s 10th biggest port Candarli is being started up, ” said Altinay Bekar, the manager of International Transport Logistics Exhibition logitrans, and she added as follows: “Turkey keeps on investing in big holdings. Koc and Sabanci will invest over 5 billion US dollars.

Turkish marine fleet ranked to be 15th in the world. By the end of the year a number of the airports will come to 56. Over 100 of new projects announced to be launched. 111 projects have been put into practice and 434 are still being carried out. Throughout the year, within the Marmaray Project, a fast train ’Ankara-Istanbul’ will be launched, contributing to the performance index of the sector.

Investment in transport and logistics sector is also an important field of logistics activity, points out Altinay Bekar, accordingly, “logitrans provides the transport and logistics sector of Turkey with a platform, entering international market,” she summarized.

Large-scale projects raise the expectations
An outstanding development index of Turkey of last few years jointly with new investments in the country drew the attention of the world community to the country. “Ambitious largescale projects expected to be implemented are also promising for transport and logistics.” says the manager of International Transport Logistics Exhibition logitrans, Altinay Bekar, and she continues:

Large-scale projects coming up one after the other not only in 2013 but beyond promise a dynamic growth to take place in Turkey. Urban renewal project, project of a third airport in Istanbul, Izmir-Istanbul highway project, railway projects, highway projects, airport projects, dams, urban planning projects, different infrastructure and superstructure works along with investment to be done in the elections of 2014, will create a large market in transport and logistics sector.

Altinay Bekar says, “A scope of work to be done can be seen just from landscape gardening.and continues, “logitrans creates the most prospective meeting environment for a huge business potential to take place in very short time.

Transport Logistics Exhibition – Istanbul Turkey

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