Tramway accident in Sarajevo (Video)

Tramway accident in Sarajevo :In the aftermath of the tramway accident in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina the number of wounded had is known to be between 45-50 citizens. In the accident two tramways bumped each other.

Selma Mulic, the speaker of the Clinic Center of the Sarajevo University which was interviewed by an AA reporter, has sustained that after the tramway accident 28 wounded were brought at the Clinic and generally they had injured their faces, chests and waist regions and taking all of these in consideration their lives were not under danger. The other 22 wounded were taken to the State Hospital of Sarajevo.

Yasna Ducic, the speaker of Sarajevo Hospital has sustained that among the 22 wounded there were one child and 2 tramway drivers. He also had sustained that no wounded perosns’ life was under danger.
There is still not official explanation about the tramway accident.

Tramway accident in Sarajevo

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