The train maintaince will be easier (Video)

The train maintaince will be easier :The European researchers are busy with a rail project in England. They try to develop new methods of keeping under control the axles of trains in order for passengers to have a safer trip. This technology is based on ultrasonic tests. The first tests are made on artificial axles and the red-colored small cracks can easily be identified and measured. The same tests are made on real axles as well. According to the experts this technical provides millimeter exactness.

Stavros Avramidis, the Control Engineer has sustained that: “After many tests we noticed that at the middle of the axles can be detected defects of 2 or 3 millimeters long. These measures are better than the same standards in Europe. There is a very small possibility for us to be mistaken. We needed to develop a new mechanism as in the local railways there are used different types and formats of axles and there are many critic areas.”

At the moment there are used hallow axles for the high speed trains. That is why experts have to develop special sensors for the existent gaps and to examine the external diameter of axles.

Iván Castro, the Industrial Engineer: “We have combined two different kinds of techniques: ultrasound and electromagnetic technologies. The ultrasound technology gives us the opportunity to examine the external part of the axles; meanwhile the electromagnetic technology helps to observe the inner part of axles. After this we collect all the information and present it in a special program. In this way we make sure that the axles will work 100%.”

This new and transportable axle check system is suitable for the existent systems being faster, cheaper and easier to apply. Once the system will be fully approved it will be a very good piece of news for the care units of railway companies.

Sam Broujeni, Engineering Manager: “Long before the Maintaince process was harder. From now on with this technology there is no need to bring the axles to the Maintaince unit as this new technology is a transportable one. Now, we just have to take off the three lids of the axles and fix the scanner in the front part; in this way we can research the entire axle.”
The experts estimate that this new system will be on the market approximately 5 years later.

The train maintaince will be easier

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