Terrific train accident in India (Video)

Terrific train accident in India :An express train has made an accident at one of the train stations in Bihar, India. The accident ended the life of at least 37 persons. The train has hit a group of persons who were about to pass the railroad.
When a group of pilgrims has got off the train at Dhamara Ghat stations the Rajya Rani express train which was coming from the opposite part hit the pilgrims. The accident took place at 8:40 according to the local time.
The number of dead people is still uncertain. In order to find out more about the accident Arun Mallik, the responsible of railway sector in India has started a special investigation.
After the accident, the angry people that were next the region has started to push the wagons of Rajya Rani express train so that the wagons turned down.
India has a wide network of railways. Every day 18 million people are carried with trains which have a capacity of 9000 passengers. In the last five years 1220 of Indian citizens has lost their lives in train accidents.

Terrific train accident in India

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