Stroke against Railway Transport in Egypt

Stroke against Railway Transport in Egypt :The general unstable situation in Egypt has influenced negatively the railway transportation. During the last three weeks there were no trips made with the train by causing a harm of 13,2 million dollars.

According to the interview given by Huseyin Fadali, the general Director of Egyptian Railways in the last three weeks there were no trips made by train from the capital city Cairo to the North and South of the country, as the trains became an object of the attacks.

The Minister has announced that taking in consideration the current conditions the authorities had stop the train trips. Adding that if the situation will not change in the nearest future than the railway sector will suffer a great loss. At the same time there is no exact date when the train will be able to operate again. When the situation will be calmer the prepares for reopening the trip trains will take 72 hours.
At the first presidential elections in Egypt Muhammed Mursi won. After the elections the economy of the country suffers a big stroke because of the continuing protests and instability. The sector of tourism has also suffered as foreigners are afraid to go in Egypt because of the political instability. The sector of railways is at the moment in loss because trains are chosen to be the objective of attacks.

Stroke against Railway Transport in Egypt

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