Slovenian Railways selects the IBM’s SmartCloud Solution

Slovenian Railways selects the IBM’s SmartCloud Solution :In order to improve the customer services and business operations of the railways in the Central European region, Slovenia has announced that it had chosen the cloud solution presented by the railway company IBM.

The new cloud-based company with a centralized IT system, has a new way of operating by integrating the whole transportation means with the passengers and logistics works in such a way that it will contribute to the ease considerable the administration of the traffic.

Slovenia Railways administrates more than 1200 km of rail lines and each year transports more 15,3 million passengers and 15,8 million tons of cargo. So, as it plays an important role in the Pan-European transportation corridor, Slovenia Railways has decided to modernize its IT infrastructure. To be modern Slovenia Railways needed units able to respond to customer’s requests, a flexible IT environment and separate IT service panels. It aimed to create collaboration between different departments, and customer services that could rapidly give solutions to passengers.

The new IBM SmartCloud Control Panel and one of the IBM MobileFirst Management solutions- the IBM Endpoint Manager provides a solution for the whole company at the same time, by giving a single IT service panel which will bring together the users of affiliated companies under the Slovenian Railways.

This is a common IT platform which is able to automate the railways security systems as well as providing security. In such a way the security risks are being decreased.

The centralized and cloud-based service panel provides a more integral view of the company’s works. Besides, the railway company with a cloud-based infrastructure, the costs of IT equipments and warranty works as well as its compatibility will be better checked.

Kivanc Uslu, the director of IBM Turkish Technology has said that the IBM technology is an efficient one and that the last example is now presented by the Slovenia Railways; this technology creates collaboration between the railways companies around the world. He also expressed his hopefulness that together with IBM technology the passengers will have a more pleasant trip.

This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2013 year.
Until now, IBM has helped thousands of customers to adopt the cloud model and currently it is administrating millions of cloud-based structures. IBM gives support to customers from different domains, such as banking , communications, healthcare and public sector.

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Slovenian Railways selects the IBM’s SmartCloud Solution

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