Siemens Promotes New Rail Energy Sustainability

Siemens Promotes New Rail Energy Sustainability : Siemens is installing the first Sitras SES Energy Storage Unit with supercapacitor technology in the United States on the new TriMet Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Line. The Portland Tacoma substation location will house the first American storage unit that stores energy created during braking and then reuses it in one of two forms: energy savings or voltage stabilization during peak demand times. In energy savings mode, the energy storage unit absorbs the energy generated by braking rail vehicles and stores it until the system can safely feed it back to the power supply during vehicle acceleration.

According to Siemens, when in voltage stabilization mode, “the Sitras SES allows the system to avoid problems that have led to disruptions in mass transit operations. If a number of vehicles accelerate simultaneously, system voltage can drop below a critical level and result in instances of undervoltage tripping in vehicles and, consequently, lead to disruptions in passenger service. The Sitras SES ensures the system voltage always remains within the required range and voltage-related disruptions no longer occur.”

As a voltage stabilizer, the energy content is kept at a high level and is discharged when the system voltage falls below a specified limit.

Thierry Godart, Siemens Smart Grid North America president, adds: “With over 35 light rail systems operating in the U.S. and another 13 systems being built, light rail is an increasingly important method of transportation for growing cities and the need to make this travel as efficient and cost-effective as possible is paramount. Siemens is proud to offer grid reliability solutions to make rail investments work even harder for this growing region that is leading the way to provide the most efficient and accessible transportation systems for their citizens.”

The use of just a single energy storage unit could save a maximum of 500,000 kWh per year. In addition to the cost saving, the storage unit can reduce CO2 emissions by 300 tons per year.


Source : smartmeters

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