Siemens infrastructure orders in Mozambique

Siemens infrastructure orders in Mozambique :New Nacala-à-Velha seaport facility to be powered by Siemens transmission and distribution technologies.State-of-the-art railway signalling solutions for the 912-kilometre Nacala-Moatize line.

Siemens has received orders from the CLN (Corredor Logistico Integrado Nacala) joint venture for the delivery, installation, and commissioning of power distribution solutions for a new deepwater seaport in Nacala-à-Velha as well as the Railway signalling of the Nacala–Moatize mining line in Mozambique. Siemens will install the medium and low voltage switchgear, including the motor control centers, in prefabricated power distribution units known as e-houses as well as supply the transformers and a high-voltage substation. The Nacala-Moatize railway signalling order will in-clude the installation of Positive Train Control (PTC), Interlockings (IxL) and a state-of- the-art Operations Control Center (OCC).

The CLN joint venture was formed by Vale, Brazil’s largest mining company, and Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM), Mozambique’s state-run railway company. The joint venture signed a contract with the government of Mozambique to construct a railway line and a deepwater seaport. The infrastructure projects are part of the Nacala corridor, which runs from the coast of Mozambique across the country, through Malawi, and back into Mozambique’s mountains, all the way to Moatize. The 912-kilometre railway route will be used in the future to transport coal from a mine in Tete Province to the coastal shipping facilities. Once they are completed, these facilities in Nacala-à-Velha are expected to have a capacity of 18 megatons per year.

To supply power to the entire seaport facility, Siemens will deliver the transformers and medium and low-voltage switchgear as well as suitable motor control centres for power supply and to control the conveyor belt drives. The turnkey design supply and construction of the primary high voltage 110/22Kv substation comprises of the supply and installation of two 40MVA and one 10 MVA Siemens transformers, a 110kV incoming line bay with two transformer bays and a 110kV bus section.

A key component of the Nacala deepwater seaport project is the so called e-Houses solution. A major advantage of e-Houses is that they can be transported to the in-stallation site fully assembled and pretested. It takes far less time to construct and deliver an e-house solution than it does to build a separate building for the power distribution equipment. This offers measurable benefits for the operator, since every day saved during the manufacture of a unit results in an additional day of production. In addition, e-houses can be transported to a new location and reused.

There is increasing demand worldwide from the oil & gas industry and the metals & mining sector for e-houses that are equipped with a customized power distribution unit. Many of the existing units in these industries are built and operated in inhospitable, remote regions. Through the use of space-saving, gas-insulated switchgear, a segment in which Siemens is one of the world’s leading suppliers, the company can implement particularly compact e-houses.

The Nacala-Moatize railway line interconnects the important coal mines at Moatize with the Nacala-à-Velha Port. The railway signalling order signifies a milestone achievement in the history of the company as the recent integration of Invensys into the Siemens Rail Automation Business Unit has boosted the Siemens solution offering and overall competiveness in the railway signalling industry. Siemens success-fully acquired Invensys; a UK based Rail Company in May 2013 and is now fully integrated into the Siemens business portfolio.

Siemens infrastructure orders in Mozambique

Source : Africa Press Siemens

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