SelTrac® CBTC, Communications-Based Train Control For Urban Rail

SelTrac® CBTC, Communications-Based Train Control For Urban Rail : With the constant pressure to minimize operating costs and the need to bring system improvements on line faster, many transit operators are preferring the flexibility that our communications-based train control (CBTC) technology provides. Answering the call for modern signalling, SelTrac CBTC offers the opportunity to enhance performance and safety and lower life-cycle costs. SelTrac systems are installed on transit networks around the world. Our methodology and technology has been proven in use for thirty years.

From fully automated, integrated solutions to upgradeable solutions and overlay re-signalling techniques to reach beyond the limitations of conventional fixed-block designs, SelTrac system solutions readily meet your needs to move more people more quickly and increase revenue potential.

Applicable to any type or size of rolling stock and dedicated guideway, SelTrac system solutions are flexible and adaptable enabling customers to employ a complete, high-end system or incrementally upgrade functionality over time, without disrupting operation. Transit operators retain the value of their original investment as they expand and grow their systems. SelTrac can be configured easily to meet the specific functionality needs of the operation. With built-in flexibility, SelTrac addresses the diverse requirements of operators needing basic Automatic Train Protection (ATP), cab-signalling, or CBTC-based operations. From simply replacing existing signalling, to improving the headway performance of an existing fixed-block system, SelTrac is the convenient and cost-effective solution.

Our premium SelTrac solutions include “moving block” technology for unattended/driverless operation. These systems offer excellent operational flexibility under even the most demanding of conditions. And, to meet high or increasing capacity situations, SelTrac has proven that it can deliver headways of under sixty seconds, better than normally required.

• Time proven solution
• Cost effective; best price to performance ratio
• High performance – no constraints from external interlocking
• Minimum trackside and wayside equipment
• Low life-cycle cost
• Fully protected bi-directional operation (requiring no additional hardware)
• High availability and reliability
• Automatic route setting

Key references

Toronto Scarborough LRT and Subway
Vancouver Canada Line
Vancouver SkyTrain.

Busan-Gimhae Line
Seoul Sin Bundang Line.

Kuala Lumpur LRT II.

Beijing Line 4.
Guangzhou Line 3.
MTR Disneyland Resort Line, Hong Kong.
MTR Ma On Shan Rail, Hong Kong.
MTR West Rail, Hong Kong.
Shanghai Lines 6, 7, 8, 9, 11.
Wuhan LRT.

Ankara RT, Turkey.

United Arab Emirates
Dubai Metro

United Kingdom
London Docklands LRT.
London Underground: Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines .

United States
AirTrain JFK.
Detroit DPM
Jacksonville ASE
Las Vegas Monorail.
Newark Int’l Airport APM
Tampa Int’l Airport APM
Washington Dulles Int’l Airport APM.


Source : Thales Group

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