The ROMER Absolute Arm measuring device ensures the highest quality of modern trams

The ROMER Absolute Arm measuring device ensures the highest quality of modern trams :Solaris – an ambassador of the Polish industry and its unquestionable symbol, a pioneer in its industry, currently recognised by millions of Poles who use public transport services, the manufacturer of state-of-the-art buses and trolleybuses, quite recently also invested in the manufacturing of trams.

Solaris buses are known not only in Poland, but also in 24 European countries and in the United Arab Emirates. The Solaris logo, a green dachshund, represents the key features of their products: length, low floor and environmentally friendly characteristics. The ROMER Absolute Arm, a measuring machine from Hexagon Metrology, guarantees the highest quality of Solaris tram components.

Solaris is an unquestionable pioneer in its industry – in 1994 it launched the first low-floor bus on the Polish market, and in 2006 it demonstrated the first in Europe mass-produced bus with a hybrid system. Solaris buses are distinguished by the lowered right-side windscreen, which provides the driver with excellent visibility.

Measurement Time Reduced by Half
To meet the expectations of its customers, Solaris decided to choose a quality control solution from Hexagon Metrology. Last year, by moving with the times, in response to very high railway engineering standards, the company purchased the ROMER Absolute Arm measuring machine. The 4.5-metre measuring system was proven to be ideal for large size detail measurement.

With this system the measurement time was reduced by half. Currently, every week one new tram leaves the Poznan plant. It would be impossible without the Hexagon Metrology solution. Marcin Wojciechowski, Quality Control Manager, confirms that “without the arm, a number of measurements would be impossible to make, while others would be made very difficult”.

Tram Body Measuring Speed and Comfort
The ROMER Absolute Arm is used on the shop floor in the “Welding Shop” at the Sroda Wielkopolska plant, where even several times a day it is moved between the production shop and the operator’s office room. It is used to measure the two tram body areas; one is the connection of the body with the bogie and the second is the body articulation joints. The operators make measurements quickly and comfortably. The…

The ROMER Absolute Arm measuring device ensures the highest quality of modern trams

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