Roll Hill Rail Project (Video)

Roll Hill Rail Project :Roy Hill will build, own and operate a 344 kilometre single line, heavy haul railway to transport the processed iron ore from the Roy Hill mine to a dedicated port stockyard facility located south-west of Port Hedland.

Roy Hill has adopted or extended current best practice in all aspects of heavy haul rail currently utilised in the Pilbara, including wheel/rail profiles, axle loads, locomotive power and ore car design.

Five ore trains per day will operate from the Roy Hill Mine, each consisting of three locomotives hauling 232 ore cars with a total payload of 31,450 tonnes of ore.

Due to the undulating nature of the terrain to the north of the mine, each train will be assisted by rear located, manned banker locomotives for the first 30 kilometres of the journey to Port Hedland.

Four passing loops will be built into the railway system, which will be positioned to optimise cycle times of the trains.

A marshalling yard will be located eight kilometres from the port ore car dumper. It has been specifically designed to facilitate the rapid refuelling of locomotives, inspection of empty trains prior to their return to the mine and heavy maintenance tasks.

A state-of-the-art, high technology communications based, automatic train protection and in cab, moving block signalling system will provide Roy Hills rail operations with improved safety for all track related activities and operational efficies, while also making the system ready for future autonomous rail operations.

The adoption of this full vehicle tracking communication based technology will be the first of its kind to be used in Australia and will set new benchmarks for iron ore railways in the Pilbara.


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