Rail Events : 4th Annual Middle East Rail Opportunites 2013 – Riyadh

4th Annual Middle East Rail Opportunites ; The number of rail projects across the Middle East is increasing tremendously. Qatar is aiming towards a 2020 vision, Kuwait towards a 2035 vision which includes building of Metros and Freight rail network. Saudi Arabia has close to 6 projects running simultaneously comprising the Riyadh Metro, North South Railway Projects, High Speed Line and many others. The potential for the market is immense and crores of dollars have been invested in the rail network for the next decade

the 4th Annual conference on Middle east rail opportunities to be held in riyadh, Saudi Arabia aims at discussing the rail infrastructure across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and case studies of successful railway networks. Loay Ghazaleh, Ministry of Works, Bahrain, PPP theme leader will throw light on the financing models for the railways, ITS Arab will discuss the latest technology that is being deployed for the railways and many such important aspects will be discussed at the event. The next decade will see a major transformation in the transport industry across the GCC Region.

The 4th Annual Conference on Middle East Rail Opportunities aims to address the challenges that are being faced by rail operatiors to effectively operate the tracks. The summit also deals with issues in designing and optimising the tracks which is a very crucial aspect to be looked at. The key topics to be discussed at the two day summit consists of the financing models of the railways, discussing the success stories of the past and preparing for the future and potential challenges involved in the same.

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4th Annual Middle East Rail Opportunitis 2013, Saudi

Middle East Rail 2013


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