Protest against High Speed Train in Rome

Protest against High Speed Train in Rome :15 persons quarreling with the police were arrested in the front of the Economy Ministry.
In Rome, the Italian capital city citizens organized protests against the construction of the new high speed train which will connect the Italian city Torino with the French city Lyon.

The protesters walked during one day from San Giovanni, the center of the city to Porta Pia. The protest was also against the economic policy of the government towards the Torino-Lyon high speed train line. The walk ended with 15 arrested protesters and 3 wounded security officials. The police has found knifes and explosive materials appertaining to people that were arrested.

It was determined that at the walk 70 thousand persons came. Along the walk the most tensioned place the protesters activate was the building of the Ministry of Economy, as there began a conflict between the protesters and police. During this conflict there were used sound bombs and torches were thrown.

As the crowd arrived at Porta Pia they began to provoke the policemen by throwing stones, sticks and bottles. In the evening some people set up tents in the square of Porta Pia.
This walk has created traffic jams over the city.

Protest against High Speed Train in Rome

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